ShuffleLabs eCommerce

ShuffleLabs eCommerce is a light-weight User Experience Layer that can run on top of any

Association Management System (AMS). Leverage the eBusiness capabilities of

your AMS while giving users a simple, intuitive and pleasing purchase experience.

By adding SLCommerce, you’ll protect your AMS investment and functionality.

Whether you are selling Meetings, Certifications or Books, SLCommerce will be a

cost-effective solution to enhance the purchase experience.

Why ShuffleLabs eCommerce?

Robust Search

Intellisense Search provides product recommendations instantly as the customer looks for products.

Intuitive Workflow

We have designed a natural and ergonomic approach to the user experience that is best suited for Association store sites.

Fully Integrated Cart

Imagine one cart for all kinds of items like conferences, meetings, seminars and books. Purchase it all at the same time.


Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Features

This powerful feature provides recommendations for the customer to see related products and services, along with upgrade options for the chosen product.

Wish List

Like the industry standard user experience, our solution has a Wish List that is maintained for the customer.

SSO Integration

The Single Sign-On (SSO) feature ensures authentication and access control and solid integration with your Association Management System.

ShuffleLabs eCommerce
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