IIF – Conference Registration Solution


IIF is a leading voice for the financial services industry on global regulatory issues. While the IIF represents several advocacy matters, their events are considered the foremost gatherings of the international financial industry.

The former conference/events registration system was rigid and non-intuitive, and did not serve a global audience from the financial industry well. This was affecting the organization’s reputation, and a loss of revenue due to dropped registrants was a major concern.

IF’s existing meeting registration solution was confusing and did not provide a user-friendly experience. Additionally, the solution was not able to handle IIF’s pricing structures. This often-led prospective registrants to skip conferences due to the unintuitive and complicated registration process.


ShuffleLabs developed a highly intuitive solution with a remarkably straightforward process to register for an event or a conference. The mobile-ready application offers unprecedented flexibility to the ever-growing population of mobile users. The application is fully integrated with their Association Management System (AMS), Personify, which is IIF’s central data repository.

  • ShuffleLabs developed a clean, simple to use and mobile device friendly, meeting registration process that fully integrates with IIF’s existing AMS.
  • This new process fully supports IIF’s complicated pricing structures, allowing for quick and simple meeting registration for all users.
  • The solution allows for editing of existing registration data, both before the meeting and on the day of the meeting itself.
  • Registrants who are non-members will automatically have a membership record created during the registration process.
  • ShuffleLabs developed a first-to-market Point-of-Sale (POS) system for meetings and conferences. This system allows individuals and groups to register and pay the event at the event itself. Registrants are also able change existing registration data onsite at the event.


  • IIF successfully registered individuals and groups for their largest conference of the year.
  • Users can now view and modify registration from any connected device.

Technology Stack:

  • .NET, SQL Server
  • HTML5, Angular JS
  • Personify
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