Personify Solution Partners

Personify Solution Development

As a Personify Solutions Partner, we have decades of experience

providing support and enhancing all facets of the Personify Application.

Whether you are small, medium  or large Association, our solution would

enhance your constituent and staff Personify experience alike.


“As a long-time Personify customer, I was pleased when ShuffleLabs joined up with Personify as
a Solutions Partner. We know this is a great collaboration that will benefit our organization.”
Personify-ShuffleLabs Customer


Enhancements, Integrations to Personify


Customer Retention

How do we help Associations with Personify?

Mobile Apps

Do you need a Mobile App built for your constituents with integration to Personify? We have experience doing just that!


We have integrated several third-party applications online and as well as cloud applications with Personify. Whether LMS, conference applications, Salesforce or fundraising applications, we got it covered.


If have you any gap items not implemented or discover new requirements, just give us a call.


Reports Development

Whether it’s a TRS or Data Analyzer report, our team has extensive experience developing the reports you need,

Data Warehousing

Utilize our state-of-the-art SEConnect Platform to build your warehouse. SEConnect transforms your member data for analysis and strategic reporting.


Need to consult? We’re ready to listen!

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