ACTEC Pocket Tax Tables

ACTEC Pocket Tax Tables, a pocket-sized dictionary, brought the tax rates and rules in a single package that one can easily refer to, anytime and anywhere. In general, the taxes have to be simplified and this app provides the genius and self-dependent platform for the professionals and novices.

The federal structure regards to taxes and technology were comprised in an effective and error free mobile app and made handy for the needy. Refer a rule book or browsing the internet for the same is not always feasible, to overcome from the hassles, this app was designed by the subject matter experts who served the respective industry for decades.


  • Shufflelabs technology experts shaped the application, and as our SMEs created the path for the informative and helpful mobile technology.
  • This app included tax rates and rules for various needs.
  • Developed a center of information including up-to-date tax changes, most of which period a range of different categories, from maintenance and payments to adoption expenditures and charitable deductions.


  • The app acts as a source for individuals who want to fill Married Joint Return and Married Separate Return.
  • It is a taxation knowledge center of Head of Household, Single Individual, Trust and Estates, Capital Gains Rates and Rules, Individual AMT Exemption Amounts, Long-term Care Insurance Premium, Health Savings Accounts, Qualified Funeral Trust
  • Maximum, Mileage Rates for Deduction Purpose, Education Tax Incentives and Corporate Income Tax.
  • Provides the General, Social Security Full Retired, Social Security Delayed and Federal Income Taxation rules.
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