ShuffleExchange iPaaS – Create
and Manage Workflows

ShuffleExchange AI-powered iPaaS is a developer platform
to build and deploy integrations in 80% less time.




Drag and Drop Interface

The drag and drop interface simplifies the integration development process. The building blocks are split into several objects for granular control. You can inject code to deal with any API shortcomings and complex use cases. You’ll have the ability to develop complex integrations without compromising flexibility.

Visual Mapping

Map the data from multiple source APIs to a single target, or vice versa, using a visual drag and drop interface. The “AutoConnect” feature maps the data automatically based on the match.

Auto magic Integrations

Define the source and target applications with methods and input parameters, and the ShuffleExchange will build the integration.

Authentication and Security

Secure the integrations and endpoints with basic and oAuth authentications. ShuffleExchange is a pass-through application, so no sensitive data stored in our database.

Designed for High Availability and Scalability

The Microservices architecture has complete autoscaling capabilities built for scalability. High-availability is achieved through containerization. The containers auto-deploy based on the load.

Alerts and Notification

Alerts and notification services come with 24/7 monitoring. Data validation and system-related errors are channeled to appropriate personnel.

Customer Success

ShuffleLabs’ professional services team has a track record of successfully executing thousands of integrations. Let us handle the development and management of your integration process.