AOA eCommerce Solution


The American Optometric Association (AOA) represents 39,000 doctors of optometry, optometry students and technicians. Their online Marketplace (i.e., eCommerce) needed functional and cosmetic  for an enhanced user experience. The eCommerce solution provided by AOA’s existing AMS was out-of-date in terms of technology and performance, and was feeling antiquated and slow compared to new eCommerce sites. This resulted in users avoiding AOA’s eCommerce site due to the frustrating experience of trying to make a purchase, ultimately leading to a loss of potential income for AOA.


As part of a commitment to providing best match to business requirements, we developed an intuitive solution with a straightforward process for users to explore, find and purchase products efficiently in their Marketplace. The application is fully integrated with their Association Management Software.

  • ShuffleLabs developed a modern, uncluttered, intuitive eCommerce site that fulfills all of AOA’s needs while at the same time delivered a familiar and easy-to-use shopping experience.
  • The new eCommerce site uses the latest technologies to create a positive, fluid user experience. Features such as ranked search results, mouse-over descriptions, and zooming in on images are now included.
  • Response times for all functions within the new eCommerce site are greatly improved and are now on par with sites such as,,, etc.
  • The new site works on all of the latest web browsers as well as all mobile devices.


  • ShuffleLabs developed an eCommerce site for AOA that is at once familiar and comfortable for users while at the same time being robust enough to handle all of AOA’s needs.
  • Users can now search for and purchase products with ease from any connected device.
  • Visits to and sales on AOA’s eCommerce site have increased.

Technology Stack:

  • .NET, SQL Server
  • HTML5
  • Personify
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