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Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is a maturing technology. Curiously, it is deemed maturing because everyone is talking about it. Strategic adoption of iPaaS is growing, while iPaaS vendors are innovating and introducing change.

I seldom let go of any opportunity to extol the centrality of integration, and iPaaS in the context of modern IT architectures. iPaaS has moved from a niche to a central aspect of a company’s integration strategy. Connecting all the applications that you need to be productive is a key role for your iPaaS solution. There is an increased need for flexible and dynamic connectivity as IT infrastructures are disparate and distributed, and yet need to integrate everything.

It is no surprise that the iPaaS market is estimated to grow from $528 Million in 2016 to $3 billion by 2021, a staggering 41.5% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) across a five-year period. The demand for iPaaS is driven by the need for business agility, faster deployment, scalability, reduced cost of ownership and integration of all key applications. Integration services would enable companies to manage their processes and workflows more efficiently and effectively as they are scalable, flexible, and reliable.

iPaaS is riding on the rapid adoption of cloud computing. Cloud services orchestration offers the flexibility to scale consumption of resources. In other words, iPaaS offers flexibility, while catering to the elastic nature of business needs, while enabling optimum resource utilization and allowing self-service provisioning.

Bringing Internet of Things (IoT) into the mix of enterprise infrastructure adds a new variable to how people view scale and integration. The focus of an IoT project lies in how to bring data to life which will expand the scope of integration multifold.

iPaaS is now being spoken of in the same breath as big data and IoT. While IoT and Big Data bring a new level of data visibility, iPaaS seamlessly extends that data to enterprise systems. The iPaaS approach is a great fit for IoT-related integration considering that most IoT services have an API.

iPaas is an attractive option as it enables companies to manage large volumes of data generated without having to invest in infrastructure.

At ShuffleExchange, we are focused on making data accessible so that it can be useful to our clients, as iPaaS grows in stature with increasing sophistication.