Salesforce-Brightspace-Office 365 Integration

Case Study

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An Australia based educational institution publishes the courses on their website where students can subscribe online. When the student is qualified, the staff creates the user in Salesforce. This will create student records in Brightspace, and the course of interest is assigned through learning by uploading the user attributes into Brightspace (D2L). As well, the student is enrolled in Office 365.


On the Salesforce side, the integration swaps the email from the student personally to a CAL official email. When the student clicks the email notification sent by ShuffleExchange, it provides the user with an Office 365 password. When the user clicks on the link, the Single Sign-On is engaged with 365 credentials, and the user can access the course(s) in Brightspace. If the student defers taking the course, she would have access to Office 365 but not for Brightspace. If the student unenrolls from the course, that student will lose access to both Brightspace and office 365 in 7 days.

The students have to submit an assessment in Brightspace. An assessment link is brought over to provide a draft assessment to Salesforce. The back office team clicks to see the assessment in the Brightspace assessment directory for that particular student. If satisfied, the evaluator will mark it as competent. The assessment evaluations are also brought back to Salesforce. If the assessment submission is rejected and the student can resubmit, and all this information is brought back to Salesforce. Overall course progress is also brought back to Salesforce.