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Mountain States Employers Council (MSEC) provides two important benefits, among many, to its members: Training courses and seminars. MSEC depends on two separate systems to manage their membership and training content. Personify, an Association Management System (AMS), is used to maintain member data. LearnUpon, a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS), provides training courses.


MSEC needed to integrate their member data in Personify with training program data in LearnUpon. The organization was unable to assess and realize the benefits of the members’ training data consumed through LearnUpon. The disparate nature of Personfiy and LearnUpon meant an agonizing process of importing and exporting data between the two systems resulting in tedious tasks and loss of productive time.

To be able to realize fully the advantages of LearnUpon’s LMS, real-time integration was critical. The priority required sending member and course data from the AMS to the LMS, and course completion details of members back to the Personify AMS.


SEConnect, an integration platform with built-in connectors for both LearnUpon and Personify, enabled seamless integrating between the two systems. Using the intuitive SEConnect Dashboard and workflow designer, we quickly defined and setup the workflow and the data mapping for the integration of the two platform endpoints. SEHook, ShuffleExchange’s advanced web hook technology, tracks events on both endpoints, offering automatic, instant and secure data pushes from one application to another as dictated by the event. SEConnect also provides event logs and process analytics, accessed through the SEConnect Dashboard, so that key information is available for review by MSEC staff at any time.

Neither the MSEC nor ShuffleExchange team had to develop a single line of code to create this integration. The integration was accomplished by a 5-step process in ShuffleExchange, a cost-effective and rapid approach without cumbersome project management.


ShuffleExchange’s SEConnect seamlessly transfers MSEC’s specified data from Personify to LearnUpon, including the Class Name, Class Description, Product code, User ID and Email address. Upon the member’s completion of a Class, the User ID, Product Code and Date of Completion are transferred from LearnUpon to Personify. The real-time integration between these two critical applications was achieved with 70% less cost and time when compared to traditional integration methods. MSEC can now take full advantage of LearnUpon’s capabilities, adding value through integration services

About MSEC:

Founded in 1945, the Mountain States Employers Council (MSEC), is the cost-effective resource of choice for employers in the areas of employment and labor law, human resources, surveys and training, helping employers manage all aspects of the employment relationship. MSEC provides employers of all sizes and industries with the resources needed to build and maintain profitable organizations.