Integration Features

    The Credly integration with Brightspace would be a native Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) based integration. The Brightspace course instructors would have the ability to configure the rules based on any content topic scores/grades criteria and associate the qualified students to the appropriate badges in Credly. The integration would automatically upload the student/user badge qualification data for Credly to issue badges.

    The Brightspace LTI page can be configured to set up more complex rules based on various Brightspace content topics. The integration is built on Brightspace data hub objects. With the data hub, uploading the badge qualification data occurs once every hour or once every twenty-four hours, based on the client’s data hub subscription.

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QuickConnect Features

  • Configure the workflows within a few minutes using the quickConnect workflow configuration tool
  • Set up connections, map the fields and define the frequency
  • Relax as all integrations are monitored 24/7
  • Receive notifications on integration statuses

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