Integration Features

  • Register user in Canvas with user data from Salesforce. The user data in Salesforce could reside in any standard or custom object.
  • Enroll users to courses in Canvas.
  • Enroll users to Canvas courses through Learning Groups.
  • Track Progress, Award, Quizzes, Grades, etc., in Salesforce from Canvas .

Have unique or complex integration needs? Our ShuffleExchange team or your developers can build the custom workflows in a couple of weeks using SEConnect.


QuickConnect Features

  • Configure the workflows within a few minutes using the quickConnect workflow configuration tool
  • Set up connections, map the fields and define the frequency
  • Relax as all integrations are monitored 24/7
  • Receive notifications on integration statuses

Need help? The ShuffleExchange professional services team can help you to set up the integrations. Contact us for more information.

Price starts at $ 120 a month

Case Studies

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